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Solution of Dust Control on Construction Sites

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Dust in construction sites becomes something that cannot be avoided. Construction processes and all equipment and tools in the site make the dust moved by the air and it can become obstacles for the worker. The worse situation can happen when the air blows the dust to the outer area of the construction site. It will affect the surrounding and it will become serious issues because the dust can disturb other people around the site. In order to prevent it, it is important to have proper dust control on construction sites. There are ways to make it happen.

Tips to Control the Dust in the Construction Sites

One of the possible ways to stop the dust from spreading around the construction site is by using barrier. The barrier can be built with certain height so later the dust movement will be centered in the area of construction site. Even if the air blows the dust, it will only affect the area of construction so it will not bother the people outside the construction area. Of course, it is not totally useful to solve the problem. In the end, the dust still brings obstacles, and it should be handled well by using proper tools.

Dust Control Solution from MobyDick

MobyDick provides better solution to control the dust. The dust will not become problems anymore. The technology from MobyDick uses water droplets to control the dusts. The technology will launch water droplets into the air and later it will stop the dust. It is like spreading nets to catch the fish. By doing so, airborne will not become obstacle. The dust will be controlled by the air droplets launched by the technology. The equipment from the MobyDick can also work flexibly and it works well to handle all types of situations in the construction site. Thus, there will not be any problem anymore.