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Great Speed and Easy Maintenance of Sempre from Robatech

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There are some types of glue or adhesive. First, it is the hot melt adhesive that requires high temperature. It is needed to melt the adhesive material before it is ready for application. Then, there is cold glue. This does not require high temperature and basically the glue is ready to use without melting process, so it is considered more efficient and effective. Of course, each of them has different benefits and types of application. Even if cold glue does not require high temperature, it still needs proper attention its application especially when the industry wants to have higher level of productivity. The application should be fast and precise. In this case, there is Sempre that can become solution for cold glue application.

Fast and Precise Glue Application of Sempre

Sempre becomes technology for the cold glue application from Robatech. The manufacturer develops the technology that can replace the manual application of glue so it will be more effective and efficient in term of time, resource, and quality. Sempre is engine that will be easy to operate. Its operation and setting for glue application can be adjusted depending on the need of industry. Then, it can work in machine speed so it is much faster than the manual works. Although it works in high speed, Sempre still can maintain high precision in glue application. Even, glue output can be chosen so operator can choose bead, dot, and other types of glue application.

Simple Maintenance for Sempre

Because it is a machine, it requires proper maintenance to make it work in its top performance. It will bring problem when suddenly Sempre cannot work well and even it stop working. In this case, Sempre is designed to give easy access of maintenance. Operator does not need to give much effort to clean the machine, especially in its application head or nozzle outlet. Normally, glue can dry and block the access of its nozzle. However, the head is designed to prevent clogged access and it is easy to clean. Moreover, it has durable material to give more working time for the Sempre.